Cosi on 42nd is Closed

If you work near Bryant Park and have a hankering for flatbread sandwiches we’ve got some bad news. The Cosi on 42nd btw. 5+6th has closed. No word on what will be taking its place, but the signs direct you to visit one of their other locations. It’s been awhile since we event mentioned these guys. Is this a sign that the flatbread sandwich empire is collapsing, or maybe just this location?


  • “Flatbread” sandwich empire “collapsing”. Heh heh. You’re silly.

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    That’s funny you mention it today — just tried to go there for lunch today after many months of not eating there. I never see Cosi very crowded anywhere and don’t expect the chain to be around much longer, although I’m certainly no expert so who knows?

    I liked it better when Cosi was Xando.

  • I used to work at a Cosi in NJ a very long time ago and the one time I sat down and at a full sandwich, I got food poisoning. I’ve been turned off to bulk meat shipped frozen in baggies, thawed, and slapped on bread ever since.

  • I frequent (or used to frequent) the Cosi at 44th/Third. The overall quality has definitely declined. The bread isn’t even the same anymore. I decided to give it one more shot yesterday — while five employees huddled around the salads — I waited about 5 mins for someone to notice I was standing ALONE at the sandwich portion of the counter. I had a BOGO google offer — we got the Turkey/Brie and the Italiano. Both sammies were just plan bad! It’s a shame.

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