City Council Passes Bill to Require QR Codes in Restaurants

QRCodeFor any Midtown Lunch’ers who happen to a) regularly utilize QR codes to find out information or b) deeply care about restaurant health code violations when selecting your dining establishment, you’ll be pleased to know that Dan Garodnick (D-Manhattan) has championed a bill to require quick response codes posted in New York City restaurants. First reported by the New York Post, it seems the purpose of the recently passed bill is to give consumers the opportunity to quickly pull up information about restaurants (read: specific DOH violations). For now, the codes will be posted inside, but they may be posted on windows in the future.


  • That seems burdensome for the restaurants.

    • Doesn’t seem like it. It will probably be posted along with the letter grade on the window (It’s just a physical link), so if you’re so inclined you scan it from outside with Goggles or something and you’re directed to the review.

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      And it could end up being better for the restaurants. If someone sees a B rating and is hesitant to eat there, but scans the code and sees the violations are of the nitpicky variety (vs mice/flies), they may end up going in.

      • Or someone who would otherwise not worry, will scan the code and see it’s a B because the chef uses the serving tongs as a buttscratcher.

      • “It’s because the DOH won’t let me bring my back scratcher into the kitchen because it’s not a ‘kitchen tool’”

  • Just another way to fine (tax) businesses for not complying with moronic bureaucratic rules

    Damn leftists

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