Burger Joint to Celebrate 10 Years by Rolling Back Prices on Monday

Cheeseburger and Fries, Burger Joint, Le Parker Meridien, Midtown West, NYC
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It’s hard to believe it, but the once secret now classic Burger Joint (located behind the curtain, under the neon burger sign in the lobby of Le Parker Meridien Hotel) is turning 10 years old this month. They have managed to survive the Midtown burger onslaught that some would say they kicked off, and to celebrate they’ll be offering up the original Burger Joint menu at 2002 prices all day Monday October 1st. That means $4 burgers, $4.50 cheeseburgers, $1.25 french fries, and $2 beer on tap, plus they’re going to be selling and giving away special limited edition 10 year anniversary t-shirts. ┬áSee you on line!


  • Burger joint is the most overhyped burger place in new york. it’s still not worth it even with the rolled back prices, although $2 beers sound good.

    • Totally agree. Any time my friends come into town, they talk about this “secret burger place”, and I have to talk them out of it. Most over-priced, over-hyped burger I’ve ever come across.

  • Worse than shake shack?

    • No, they’re incorrect (and I’ll ignore your irrational hatred of Shake Shack). It’s on a grill with actual fire, and the meat itself is, lordy be, seasoned well and grilled well. It’s very tasty – the only knock is that it’s well-overpriced, which happens when you take up space in a luxury hotel.

      Also, the fries are damned good.

      • Gotta agree with Dave on this one… if you want your burger to taste like it was grilled at a summer BBQ, Burger Joint is your spot.

      • Also agree, been there once, line happened to be short, was able to find a couple seats, burger was tasty and juicy and fries were delicious. It was a year ago, but I don’t remember a feeling of it being overpriced, only remember that I definitely wanted to go back one day

  • Yeah to say it’s not a good burger is silly and clearly blind hate…I will give you the overpriced part, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a delicious burger!

    See you guys on line for the $4 holla!

  • I’m going to have to bring my cheapass there on Monday.

  • Haven’t been in a little over a year, so not sure if anything has changed (meat purveryor, burger blend, etc) but I’ve never had a bad burger at Burger Joint. Always nail my mid rare and great flavor profile. Would be curious to know what the naysayers consider their favorite NYC burgers for a little context.

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