Nameless Empanada Cart Has Relocated (But Not Too Far)

If you were unhappy that the Nameless Empanada Cart disappeared from 34th and 8th, becoming invisible as well as anonymous perhaps through perfection of an optic camouflage empanada that covers the whole cart, rejoice! They have relocated from the southeast corner of 34th and 8th to just a bit west of the southwest corner, between the HSBC Bank and NYC DMV License Express. What better way to get a disappointing but not terrible nosh when you face losing a day to the DMV bureaucracy or if you have to take a break from laundering money to send to Iran?

The menu hasn’t changed but is now better mounted and a little more visible on both sides, and they had some fresh empanadas going into the fryer when I passed by at around 8 AM the other day. Could be a decent breakfast alternative if you don’t feel like going 1/4 block in the other direction – Lunch Box Buffet does their amazing steamed buns for breakfast, too.

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