At Lunch Now: Guy Fieri’s Place Plans to Open at 4pm Today

If you were hoping to be one of the first ones to eat lunch at Guy Fieri’s new Times Square T-Shirt shop (which also happens to serve food) you were very disappointed today… they’re not open yet. Our man @samkimsamkim was on the scene during lunch hoping to score some grub, but all he got was photos of tourists taking photos in front of the restaurant. It has begun…

Between watching groups of out-of-towners do their best Guy Fieri poses in front of the restaurant, Sam  found out that they plan on opening at 4pm today.

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    I would like to see a fake Guy walking around who entertains the dining guests with his verbiage. That alone might be worth the price of dinner.

    I saw the menu on a website, it didn’t look that interesting, but I will probably take my girls there next time we bring them to the city. They think guy is cool and funny.


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