Meiko’s Pick For NYC’s Best Burger is in Midtown

This week singer/songwriter Meiko is Zach’s guest on the Food is the New Rock podcast, and her pick for the best burger in NYC is right in our backyard: Burger Joint at the Parker Meridien. She also clues us in to the best pizza in Chicago, her favorite poke in Hawaii, and even manages to drop a reference to chocolate covered penises. You can download or stream the episode for free on iTunes>>


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    My friend is her manager, if you (or more your GF) are looking for a good signer/songwriter I would recommend. very mellow music. Saw her a couple times on the LES when she was touring.

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    Oh sure Meiko may be part of the celebrity “in crowd” who knows of the Burger Joint, but I’ll be she doesn’t know Carnegie John’s cart half a block away still serves up a bigger, better burger for half the price (minus the fries and graffiti). Love her new album though. :)

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