At Lunch Now: So This Is Still Happening …

Guy Fieri’s Times Square joint Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar on 44th between 7th and 8th avenues now has an elaborate marquee, and the blue boards out front are coming down today. I guess that means they’re on track for that September opening. Sigh.


  • I wonder how many times the terms “outrageous”, “down-home cooking”, “deep fried” or “off the chart” will appear on his menu.

    I’d almost rather have the Times Square TGIF relocate there, almost.

  • Who’s for leaving them a giant fluid storage container filled with vinegar and water set on a timer so it detonates inward, flooding the place?


  • which subway line near that area will be redubbed “the fast train to Flavortown”?

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    It’s going to be bananas (bananas is good) (fist bump)

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    I don’t undersand what everyone has such resentment. This is going to be money! Flip-flops from flavor town!

    And there will be bibs so we don’t get any splash back on our shirts. Duuude..

  • When is his 15 minutes up? I tried putting my sunglasses behind my head and couldn’t see a damn thing through them.

  • I know I’m in the massive minority here, but I like the Guy – he is perfectly suited to his role on both his shows. Hell, he’s downright soft-spoken on his cooking show in comparison. But he just loves to eat well-made comfort food, and I love to eat well-made comfort food.

    If he pointed out constantly that he was cutting-edge or amazing or whatever he’d be a douche, but he instead defers to the people around him and looks on in adoration. He plays the part well.

    In summary, no way will I be suckered into another Food Network-named restaurant in NYC. I’m looking at you, Nelly’s.

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    Just as with Emeril, when he isn’t playing to a studio audience or a restaurant owner, he seems to know his food. Get him in front of people, though, and he turns into a charlatan who might as well be hosting a game show — which, come to think of it, he does.

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