Cinnamon Snail Makes Some Awesome Fig Pancakes

cinnamon snail

I love pancakes. I could eat pancakes every day and without getting bored. In my experience, good pancakes aren’t the easiest thing to find in midtown. Fortunately the Cinnamon Snail has been making midtown a regular stop, they always have two pancake options on the menu, and right now one of those pancake options is their seasonal fresh fig pancakes with chamomile blood orange syrup and pine nut butter. When I was interviewing Chef Adam from the Cinnamon Snail for our upcoming street food book, Chef Adam mentioned these pancakes as one of his very favorite dishes from the truck. When I saw that fig pancakes were back on the menu as of this week, naturally I had to check it out.


$10 for pancakes isn’t cheap, but these pancakes are made with top notch ingredients–lots of fresh figs in and on top of the pancakes and plenty of pine nut butter (the pine nut butter recipe will be in our book and having bought pine nuts for multiple rounds of recipe testing I can tell you that doesn’t come cheap). Also, the pancakes are huge and you get a stack of 3, I wasn’t hungry again until mid-afternoon. Fluffy, figgy and just plain tasty, if you love pancakes, if you love figs, these are for you. I’m already plotting a return visit before figs go out of season.

The Cinnamon Snail opens at around 9am and typically stops serving pancakes around 11ish–right before the lunch rush. And today they should be at 40th & Park, but as always, check the ML twitter tracker before you go!


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