Action Bronson Talks w/ Me About Street Meat

Obviously you love street meat (why else would you be on this site!?) but if you also love indie hip hop you’ll want to check out this week’s episode of Food is the New Rock, the weekly podcast I do with musicians who like food and chefs who like music.  Previous guests have included Mike D from the Beastie Boys, David Chang, Marcus Samuelsson, Duff Goldman and Henry Rollins.  But this week I was particularly excited to talk to Queens rapper (and former chef) Action Bronson, who shares my love of halal chicken and lamb over rice.  So much so that we spend the first ten minutes of the episode talking about it.  Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or  download the episode for free here>>

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  • great episode. but flushing is huge and is not just that train stop. most of the places can’t be visited unless you drive or take the bus. you guys are making it smaller than what it really is.

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