Wafels & Dinges Will Get Us To Eat Our Veggies

I’ve noticed on Twitter for the last few weeks that Wafels & Dinges has been pushing this new Sprussels from Brussels waffle. I assumed it was the latest of their seasonal dessert specials with a creative name. I didn’t know it was actually a waffle made with brussels sprouts. And I don’t mean topped with brussels sprouts, but rather the sprouts are shredded and mixed into the dough before they’re cooked. What the – ?

The guys at the truck told me they were challenged to make a brussels sprout waffle at a private event and their invention was so wacky and delicious that they decided to introduce it on the truck. I’m always up for trying weird and unusual combinations. The stranger the better is my thought and I can’t imagine it getting much stranger than this.

It’s a little bigger than their mini-size and smaller than the regular liege. So it works really as a snack or an accompaniment to lunch. It’s topped with maple syrup and they’ll happily mix bacon into the batter for an extra $1 (without bacon it’s $5). I’m a man who can never resist a bacon add-on.

Specks of green were littered throughout the dough with puddles of maple syrup seeping into each crevice of the waffle. And then from certain angels I could see nubs of bacon sticking out. It was so bizarre! But somehow it worked.

It was one of those combinations when you take the first bite and you’re not sure what to make of it. You know you don’t hate it, but you have to take another bite to experience that again. The waffle lived right in that perfect world between sweet and savory. The syrup and batter definitely gave it a rich sweetness but it was cut by the vegetal sprouts. If those flavors weren’t enough, there was also some smoky, salty candy-like bacon pieces to chew on. It was such a cool and miraculously successful flavor combination.

I do admit (I may get my ML license revoked here) that I am generally a fan of brussels sprouts – I especially like them fried and tossed with bacon (ok, I’m back in good standing!) So it’s difficult for me to judge whether this would truly convert anybody, but I believe if there was ever a chance for people to eat their veggies, this would be it. The veggie friendly waffle is being offered as a special for the next few months and could make a permanent appearance. The Wafels & Dinges geniuses have both their trucks in Midtown today on 45th and 6th Ave and 33rd and Park. But do check the Twitter Tracker before heading out.

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    I think the savory concept would work for any waffle. Carrot waffle, sweet potato waffle, zucchini waffle…hmmm…

    This sprussel waffle is sort of like chicken on waffle (subbing in collard greens) all in one bite, too~

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