Okadaman Serves Up Great, Homey Japanese Breakfast

Okadaman, the relatively new Japanese truck specializing in okonomiyaki and other homey delights, started offering Japanese breakfast a few weeks ago. Ever since I saw them tweet about it, I’ve been dying to make a detour on the way to work to check ‘em out, and I finally got there on a slow summer Friday. As I walked up to the truck, I noticed the breakfast menu was not posted, so make sure you ask what the options are. I had the choice of two equally awesome-sounding egg-on-toast breakfasts … and, honestly, I almost ordered both.

In the end, I chose one: I ordered toast topped with 2 eggs and Japanese mayo mixed with tobiko-style fish eggs. The bread was a thick-cut white slice, very typical of Japan. (When I lived in Tokyo as a kid, my mother always had a difficult time finding thin-sliced bread, which she preferred with breakfast.) The bread, which was cooked on the griddle, was very lightly toasted — notice very little color, if any, on the bread above — so if you like your toast darker, you might want to mention it when you order.

Atop the thick slice sat two over-easy eggs, and the fish egg-mayo mixture. As you can see, the eggs were perfectly runny. My one gripe was that this is not an easy breakfast to eat with chopsticks, the only utensils I found in the bag when I sat down to eat. It took a lot of inelegant mashing to “cut” the bread into bite-sized pieces to soak up the soft yolk and savory mayo.

Breakfast items are $3.50, or $5 if you add a can of cold Suntory Black Boss, black coffee typically found in vending machines and convenience stores in Japan. I took the coffee and constructed my own ice coffee at the office, pouring it over a cup of ice and adding milk and sugar.

The other breakfast option when I was there was a similar eggs-on-toast breakfast, but with with okonomiyaki toppings (okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes and nori) — you can bet I’ll be back to try it.

Okadaman park pretty regularly on 48th street btw Park+Lex, but of course, you should check the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.


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