Midtown S’MAC Bliss Is One Step Closer

A few months ago, we heard about downtown mac and cheese mecca, S’MAC, expanding with a larger restaurant space on East 33rd between Lexington and 3rd Avenue (almost across from 2nd Ave Deli). I scoped it out at the time the news broke and there was nothing much to report. I have been checking every couple weeks to see the progression at the space. For weeks, the outside looked pretty much like the photo above.

Finally earlier this week, a sign, with graffiti, appeared on the security grate indicating they are hiring. This means two things: 1. We are getting closer to the prospect of containers of made-to-order mac and cheese in Midtown. See menu here to start drooling. My order is a Nosh of Cajun or All-American. 2. If you dream of leaving your desk job, S’MAC is accepting applications today from 3 to 6 p.m.

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