Cer Te’s July Sandwich Is The P.I.G.

Certe is launching their July sandwich of the month today (the 11th!?), but when you hear what’s in the it you’ll probably forgive them for their tardiness. The “P.I.G.” (which stands for pork including grits) is $8.95 and includes BBQ pork belly, cheese grits, spicy fried pickles on a corn ciabatta. Early adopters, I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this one!


  • I hear it’s Notorious.

  • Just had it–it’s pretty good, with a decent amount of well-cooked and flavorful pork belly. The bread is toasted and works well with the meat. Grits add some good texture, but the pork is where the flavor is at. The fried pickles were chopped up on the side–kinda soggy because they do it in advance, but I still ate em.

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