Midtown Happy Hour: Statler Grill Is As Fancy As You Think

Ah, summer. So many things to like. Longer days, sundresses, flip flops, a less crowded Herald Square and the new summer happy hour specials at Statler Grill. Named after Ellsworth Statler, who ran Hotel Pennsylvania in the early- to mid-nineties, the restaurant serves up classic New York prime sirloins and porterhouses, while the menu at the wrap-around bar offers lighter snacks for the after-work crowd.

White table linens, polished silverware, frosted glass, dark wood walls, and misplaced music playing through its outside speakers facing 33rd Street is a level of sophistication I’m not normally accustomed to, which, even though Statler is steps away from my office, explains why I never stepped foot in this place in the two years I’ve been here. And now, I’m glad I finally did!

But don’t let the fancy schmancy décor and menu fool you like it fooled me all this time. The wait staff and bartenders are as nice and attentive as can be and far from the snooty staff I previously imagined.

Tierny, our bartender, took the time to introduce himself, give us a rundown of the beer on tap and a list of the specials, and to remember our names for witty banter and light conversation.

Even their guests were nice and chatty (in a good way). The crowd is a mixed bag of foreign visitors staying at Hotel Pennsylvania and business people leaving the offices on top of the Manhattan Mall.

Also, don’t leave without noshing on their homemade chips. Served at the bar for FREE, the chips are crispy, salty pieces of heaven that never seemed to go away. Tierny and co slipped in a new bowl-full when our grubby little fingers started scraping the bottom.

For the entire summer, Statler will be serving $5 draft beers, $6 glasses of wine, and $6 cocktails, Monday through Friday between 4 and 7 pm, making this place accessible to us poor people.

Statler Grill, 136 W. 33rd Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues), (212) 736-3353

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  • Is there a comparable establishment at the Waldorf?

    “Hey, Midtown Lunch just reviewed the Statler Grill!”
    “I wonder why they call it the grill? It’s a restaurant!”
    “I don’t know, but the reviewer sure as hell didn’t grill them about the prices!

    Sorry, kidding, I had to. Someone had to.

    Can you recall what was on tap other than the basics (Bud/Coors/etc.)? You had me at “free homemade potato chips.”

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