Michael Jordan’s $10 Burger Special No Slam Dunk

Because I’ve only been living in New York a few years, I’m still in love with Grand Central Station, and since I started working in Midtown, I probably go there way too much. Although it’s all-around way too expensive, the architecture is beautiful and it’s fun to watch people flitting about. When I first saw Michael Jordan’s Steak House’s pricey menu, I thought, “I’m never eating here.” But then I saw a sign for a $10 “Chicago Style” burger special.

The $10 All-Star Burger special is a char-broiled Chicago classic with Cheez Whiz and grilled onions. I was intrigued by the Chicago-style cuisine that I only know thanks to the old Bill Swerski’s Super Fans sketch on Saturday Night Live. And Cheez Whiz is fine. I mean, if we’re talking about processed cheese, we already know what we’re dealing with here, right? It’s no Roquefort, but that’s not my expectation.

But then, a $10 burger for lunch? That’s a little steep. But I knew this was the only way I’d eat at MJ’s Steak House, so I did it. I was curious to see if this was a complete rip-off or not.

Well, I came to the conclusion that the special isn’t that special. It’s likely a ploy to draw people in. According to my server, you can buy the original burger for $19 and it comes with fries. The original is 10 ounces, while the special is only 5 ounces. So you’re much better off splitting the 10 ounce original with a friend. But, being solo and keeping with the $10 or under Midtown Lunch philosophy, I ordered the special.

Friends, the next time I get it in my mind to order a $10 slider covered in Whiz, slap me. Look, I know that I probably had plenty of calories for lunch between the ground beef and the cheese product, but damn. I was still really hungry after I was done.

That said, of course the burger tasted good. I ordered it medium rare, and they did it right. It was nice and juicy, and the Cheez Whiz brought back memories of movie theatre nachos from when I was a kid, and that feeling was surprisingly comforting.

My rec — if you really feel the need to go, which apparently I did, split the bigger $19 burger (and fries) with your buddy.

Michael Jordan’s, 23 Vanderbilt Ave


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