Cer Te’s Monkey Business Cupcake Is Somebody’s Dream Come True

Remember back in March when Cer té launched a contest to create your own cupcake flavor? Well, somebody’s dreams are finally coming true. They launched the first of their “My Dream Cupcake” series yesterday with the Monkey Business. It’s a maple cake with a caramelized banana filling and topped with nutella frosting and a peanut brittle garnish. It’s $3.25 and will be available through the end of June and then presumably another winner’s flavor will be revealed next month. I wonder if this will be an ongoing thing like their sandwich of the month. They’re definitely keeping things fresh over there.


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    Do they have this at their pizza by cer te location?

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    They are only available at the regular Cer Te location, but if you call with 24 hours notice, you can pick them up from the Pizza location with your order. Sounds like a lot of forethought for a cupcake.

  • Darn! I forgot to enter my idea. It was pretty decent.

    Magic Mushroom:
    -You take your cupcake. You carefully slice the top off and carve out the center. Don’t throw any of this away.
    -You take a small vanilla panna cotta and place it inside.
    -You put the cap/top of the cupcake back on.
    -Then You drizzle on chocolate gananche over the cupcake.
    -You take your stuffing from the cupcake and pan fry it with a little butter, cinnamon and add chopped walnuts and pistachios. This of course goes on top. YUM!

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