Prime Burger to Close on Saturday!?

Prime Burger, Midtown NYC

Eater is reporting that Midtown burger veteran Prime Burger will be closing its doors soon. The exact shutter date is unclear (it could be Saturday), so if you’re a big fan of this 74-year-old establishment, you might want to stop by this week. It was always a little too pricey to be one of our favorite burgers, but there is no denying it’s a classic Midtown lunch spot, and we are sad to see it go.


  • Damn, this is a shame. I’ve loved this place for over 20 years. It’s a absolute New York institution. I always thought that one day they would get one of those James Beard Foundation “American Classic” awards. I must admit, I work 2 blocks away and nowadays I only patronized them about once a year, so I guess I didn’t do my part.

  • This is a shame. It’s old school before old school was old school. I’m hoping on the last day they let people ransack the place. I can use some new stools.

  • Went yesterday after work – the two-burger special is really quite a lot of food – and plan to go again before they close. Just a solid place all around.

    I believe they’re looking for a new spot, but as was said yesterday at dinner, it’ll be next to impossible to recreate the atmosphere.

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    Went for lunch today and sat at the counter.

    I hadn’t been there in a few years but it was just as I remember it – the quintessential NYC diner burger and fries.

    Hopefully they’ll be able to find another midtown NYC location, but Dave is right – how could they recreate the atmosphere.

    I’m in my 40s, so I remember when I first started working in midtown (summer jobs/internships in late 80s), that midtown had several places like PB, where you can sit down at a counter and have a decent burger/lunch. With PB’s closure, I can’t think of another place like that.

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    Actually, I think it did win the James Beard America’s Classics in like 2004….

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