Shorty’s Mobile Arrives in Midtown

We told you on Monday that well-liked bar/Philly sandwich joint Shorty’s would be launching a truck this week. Well, they are making their Midtown debut as we speak. According to their Twitter feed, they were planning to set up on 47th and Park starting at 11am this morning, but you’ll probably want to check their feed again (or the ML Twitter Tracker) before heading out. Also they’re offering a deal today that if you buy any sandwich, you get a card for a free pint of Shorty’s Amber Ale (presumably only available at one of the storefronts). Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.

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    I really like Phil’s Steaks, and the people who run that truck are awesome. However, I think Shorty’s has a superior cheesesteak. The bread is absolutely delicious, and after a three block walk back to my office, the grease did not soak through the bread at all. While some might say a true Philly cheesesteak should be seen through the bag (thank you, Fresh Prince of Bel Air), it does make for a messy meal. With Shorty’s, I did not have to deal with that. The cheesesteak also had a good consistency of Cheese Whiz, and onions. I would definitely go back.

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