Ippudo Midtown Doesn’t Even Look Close to Opening

Midtown Ippudo

Ramen lovers in Midtown, it looks like the second coming of Ippudo will be much later than originally expected. Last year, we learned that a January opening might be in the works, but one only needs to take a glance at the space to think that Crain’s might have meant January 2013, not ’12.  Although I’m certainly not an expert at interpreting these things, the work permit seems to indicate that construction approval was only recently granted on April 18th. I called the East Village location to get more information, but received a “No Comment” from the person that answered the phone.


  • C’mon guys. Why did I have to navigate to another page to find the address?

    For all the other people that hates this common bullshit:
    321-323 West 51st St. (Between 8th and 9th)

    • Thank you! I was just thinking “where’s the Midtown store located?”

    • i know i’ve asked for it before. it should be standard to state the location.

      “i went to Steak n Shake the other day (B’way btw 53/54)…” see. now was that so hard?

  • Ippudo is way overrated anyway. We’ve got Tabata, and those more north in Midtown can do the Totto wait if they want to. There’s no point in wasting time and money at Ippudo downtown when Menkui Tei is a block away with better variety, lower prices, better ramen, and cheaper drinks.

  • Another basement shop WTF?! Lines will be ridiculous like Totto which isn’t all that great.

  • Hey people keep going to Tabata,Menkuitei, Menchanko Tei, Zuzu, Momofuku. Avoid those awful places like Ippudo, Totto, and Ivan Ramen(when it opens up)

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