Let’s Help Bistro Truck Open Up Their Brick ‘n’ Mortar

A few months ago, there was speculation that Bistro Truck would be opening up a brick and mortar restaurant in the Lower East Side. Well, it’s all true and they’re almost ready, but they just need a little more financial support. So they launched a campaign on the Kickstarter-esque website Smallknot to help put the final touches on Rustic L.E.S. Pretty awesome rewards are promised for certain dollar amounts (like gift certificates to both the truck and the restaurant and private cooking lessons with Chef Yassir Raouli), but if they surpass their goal by 150% everybody who donated is invited to a lamb roast block party. You can watch a video about the campaign and make a donation at the smallknot website. I wonder how much it would cost to bring the truck back to Midtown?

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    Hey, this is Ben from Smallknot — thanks so much for posting about the Bistro Truck’s campaign for Rustic! We’re a local company operating out of New York and are trying to make it easy for anyone to support local businesses that are looking to expand and grow, while getting real value back in exchange. I’d love to hear from any of you who take a look, and hope you’ll chip in to support Yassir & Elsa!

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