Checking Out Urban Lobster Truck’s Linsane Roll

Last week we announced the exciting news that Urban Lobster Shack launched their new truck, which has been hitting up Midtown pretty regularly since. Although we pretty much know what to expect from their lobster rolls, one item on the truck menu stood out as unusual: the Linsane Asian lobster roll. An Asian lobster roll? All my favorite things! Clearly I had to try it.

The Linsane Asian Lobster Roll ($14) was topped with wasabi, soy, sesame mayo and scallions. I have to say, it was a nice change of pace from the very good, but standard options around town. Really, the roll has only a hint of the Asian flavors described on the menu, but they are all there in their subtlety. I appreciate a reason to seek out the Urban Lobster truck over Luke’s or Red Hook.

I also sampled the Chef’s Scampi Lobster Roll ($14), which is served on garlic bread and topped with scampi sauce. Like the Asian flavors in the Linsane roll, the garlic flavor here was surprisingly not that strong, considering the garlic bread and scampi sauce. In fact, it smelled more garlicky than it tasted. It’s a solid lobster roll, but the Asian one was decidedly the more interesting choice.

As I mentioned, they’ve been in Midtown a lot lately but be sure to check the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out or follow them for yourself on Twitter: @urbanlobster.


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