Cer Te’s May Sandwich Launches Today

It’s a new month, which means a new Certe sammie is coming your way, and I gotta say, May’s sandwich makes me drool on my desk just a little bit. The “chip & crab dip” sandwich includes ale-battered soft shell crab over bibb lettuce with remoulade sauce on a toasted potato roll. The sandwich comes with sea salt smoked paprika potato chips and will run you $8.95. Early adopters, let us know in the comments if this is as good as it sounds!


  • Excellent and freshly fried. (I picked up) The paprika chips were too spicy for me but that is my biggest hindrance in being a true foodie. Stomach won’t allow it. Others in the office loved them though. The remoulade was great! Be sure and ask for the side of pickle, they’re some of my favorites in midtown.

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    Might be a stupid question, but where is this spot located at? Want to get my hands on this sangwich

  • Wish I had taken a picture, but I wolfed down this sandwich pretty fast. It was delicious! The crispy crab went well with the soft potato roll and the remoulade was incredible. They gave you more than enough for the sandwich so I dipped the spicy chips in it. Fantastic lunch! Will probably make more trips to Certe this month rather than just the usual Thursday run for the Chubby Chinese Girl sandwich.

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