Players Sports Restaurant is Saved by Their Sampler Platter

If you like to eat, chances are you like to drink (read: a lot of you are freakin’ lushes), so I thought maybe it was time to introduce a happy hour column to the site. Every week, our Happy Hour Correspondent posts about a different bar in Midtown that fits the Midtown Lunch mentality: unhealthy food, not lame (unless it’s lame in a cool way), and most importantly… cheap.

My K-town excursion a few weeks ago got me thinking. Where there’s one hidden gem, there must be others…right? This week, I was determined to find another est. 1986 Wine Bar. You know, the kind of place that’s so good, it pains me to tell you about its existence.

Sadly, Players Sports Restaurant and Lounge (or Players Sports Lounge or Players Sports Bar & Lounge depending on which signage you’re looking at) is NOT it. That’s not to say that this place was bad or even not fun. First off, finding it was not that easy. Is it just me or do the numbers on 32nd Street just don’t make sense? In any case, make sure you look up to find Players, or you’ll be sure to miss it.

Located in the heart of K-town, I was skeptical that Players would actually be a “sports lounge.” I mean, having a sports anything in Koreatown just doesn’t make sense. Upon entering the second floor, however, I knew my skepticism would quickly fade.

Lined with seven flat screens, Players definitely had a sports bar feel, albeit it be more on the upscale side.

First impression – not too shabby. However, this place was d.a.r.k. Lit only by colored lights that seemed to be placed closer to the floor, it was difficult to make out the faces around me.

Nevertheless, I was able to spot the restaurant area hidden behind a glass beaded curtain, a couple of karaoke rooms on the other side of the bar, and a primarily Korean clientele.  After realizing happy hour specials exist only Mondays through Thursdays (we went on a Friday), my group and I were disappointed.

However, life was instantly better when our sampler platter of (LOADS of) wings, fries, onion rings and nachos and extra chicken wings (because they are delicious) came out. Accompanied with processed cheese sauce (which I LOVE), the sampler was a hit in our book. For less than $15, we filled four bellies.

Players Sports Restaurant, 25 W. 32nd St., 2nd Fl. (near Broadway), 212-868-2029


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    “After realizing happy hour specials exist only Mondays through Thursdays (we went on a Friday), my group and I were disappointed.”

    Isn’t this where the Midtown HH review should have ended?

  • that place is the worst.

  • I see young-Vladimir Putin in the top pic that got caught looking in the camera.

    That’s all I got from this.

  • Was there anything to drink whatsoever?

  • and you forgot to add this is the HH joint for caucasian skeevy yellow fever creeps

  • ZACH! Bring back Mamacita (or anyone else who understands what a Happy Hour is!). Seriously, a HH review that doesn’t even mention a single beverage. And doesn’t note what the M-Th HH specials are. This is not difficult info to get when you’re actually in the darn bar. And it also can’t be that hard to type up. Heck, if nominated, even I will serve!

  • I just want to say– Jackie, I enjoyed your last review. Sports bars aren’t my game, but you have my support.

    • But Sarah, what are your thoughts on *this* one? A HH review that has zero drink info? And a general description of a single appetizer platter? (Not even a specific price, just “less than $15″ and no comments on the actual flavor/quality of the food). Were the TVs actually showing sports, or….? Remember, this is journalism, food&drink journalism. That’s what we look for when we read this stuff, and here it was missing. (Yes, I know, we’re a tough crowd of cheap^h^h^thrifty bastards)

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