Flatiron News: Openings and Closings

Here’s a bit of Flatiron Lunch news before we lay this week’s review on you…

Openings: So the good news is Eataly is opening a lunch-only spot on Monday, April 30. Ready to hear more? Sorry, bad news. Pranzo will cost $25 for a two to three-course prix fixe meal. Since it is part of La Scuola, lunch includes cooking demos, so if Educational Development is part of your lunch budget, you should be fine. To apologize for getting your hopes up, I am here to remind you that Eataly has several ML-budget friendly options: here and here.

Closings: Ultra Clay sent me a tip that Sirtaj Indian, a place he reviewed, has closed. While we are never happy to see an Indian restaurant in Flatiron close, we can only hope this will lead to an even better Indian restaurant. Stay tuned…

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    too bad about sirtaj, the guy that worked there was nice, and the food had good flavor but there was a bad ratio of meat/sauce to rice. if they halved their rice portions it would have been perfect

    as for eataly, i and others have gone there a few times, about 75% of the times we left in confusion and fear. had no idea where to sit, order, what was good, what wasn’t, what lines go where. in fact i think the other 25% of the time one of us would just ordered foccaccia. has anyone else had a better experience?

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