Birdbath Brings City Bakery Deliciousness to Greenacre Park

Birdbath in Greenacre

Like we told you last week, City Bakery’s off-shoot, Birdbath, has finally come to Midtown (though directly on the border), residing in the small, but serene Greenacre Park (on 51st btw 3rd+2nd). They’re serving up breakfast (ranges from $3 to $7 for short order eggs) and lunch with a full menu in ML range. I stopped by to zen out to the park’s two-story waterfall while eating a sandwich and, of course, the Birdbath chocolate chip cookie.

Birdbath in Greenacre

When looking into the park from the street, I will warn you that you can’t see where Birdbath is. You need to walk inside and turn towards your left for their window. This little hiding trick might have hurt them the first few days since they were chock full of breakfast treats well through the lunch hour. Most of these muffins, two of which are vegan if that’s what you’re into, are $3 or $3.50. They also have City Bakery’s FAMOUS pretzel croissants. If you haven’t had one of these, I suggest you get up from your desk right now and fix that situation.

Grilled Cheese

I went for the grilled cheddar cheese with pickles ($7.50). It was a decent size–this is actually one half as they sit the halves on top of each other in the box. I wasn’t blown away by it. The bread was crispy enough, but the cheese wasn’t melted all the way, though I could chalk that up to first few days growing pains. It does get points for being organic, yet I need to be at least a little wowed to justify the price point. That said, I’m willing to go back and try other menu items.

City Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie

I’m also willing to go back to pick up a chocolate chip cookie. This is $3 and worth it. It’s one of the bigger ‘chewy with just the right amount of crispy’ cookies available in the city. I believe it’s different from City Bakery’s since it’s not as buttery as theirs. It is, however, also big enough for two people to share as dessert unless you’re greedy like me.

Birdbath at Greenacre Park, East 51st Street between 3rd + 2nd Avenues


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    no photos of the pretzel croissant?? that would draw a lot more people than the cookies, which are good, but nowhere near jacques torres.

    the birdbath in east village also has a great selection of kale chips – pricy, but delicious and healthy.

    • The pretzel croissants are the blur behind the scones. With the weather is as it is, I will have to be donning swimsuits soon enough ergo I am now limited to one “treat” per day. This day’s treat was the cookie. Report on pretzel croissant for uninitiated will be filed soon enough.

  • I went on Friday and got the Falafel Sandwich. It was really impressive. The veggies were crisp and fresh and added a different zing along with the baked patty. Staff were sweet and eager to get the word out about the hidden location. Sorry to see the grilled cheese was dissapoint; I hope they work out the kinks.

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    I had the grilled cheese with pickles – hadn’t thought of combining the two, and pickles aren’t exactly my favorite food, but it was good. I’ll try the cookie next time… can’t resist a good chocolate chip cookie!

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