Bouchon Bakery’s Peppermint Paddy Offers A Blast Of Mint

Peppermint Paddy
I know it’s expensive, but one of the reasons I adore Bouchon Bakery (Rock Center) is their adult take on favorite childhood desserts. This means a little bit more money, but my teeth don’t hurt and I don’t feel like I pumped my body full of partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil. I had heard about the Peppermint Paddy, but I never spied one when in one of the stores. It’s hard to miss, this green foil beacon of minty deliciousness.

Peppermint Paddy

The patties are a good sized, about a king size Peppermint Patty, but so much more delicious. The fondant filling isn’t cloying, it’s just a nice, creamy filling with a blast of mint. The thick chocolate shell is made from a good quality dark chocolate. If these desserts were your thing as a kid, I highly recommend dropping $3.50 on one of these as an afternoon treat.

Bouchon Bakery, 1 Rockefeller Center, (212) 782-3890

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