Angelo Sosa Revamps the Menu at Social Eatz

In celebration of the one-year anniversary of Social Eatz, Angelo Sosa has unveiled a new menu that includes some new soups, salads, small plates, and sweets. Among the new items are Homemade Ramen, a Kimchee Wedge Salad, Pork Chops, and more. Not many of the new items are in the $10 and under ML range, but a glance at the new menu shows that they’ve at least cooled it on the ‘Z’ theme of yore (Side’z is replaced with Sides, App’z is now Small Plates, etc), so that’s gotta be worth some points. Early adopters, let us know if it’s worth the splurge!


  • I just looked at the menu and it looks like they took the chicken wings off? There’s a main dish of Korean Wings, but no appetizer size of those sticky sweet/spicy ones. That’s a damn shame, because they were absolutely fantastic (although way overpriced).

  • lol…I wonder if the korean fried chicken is a result of bon chon’s failed attempt at a bulgogi burger?

    Anyways, glad they revamped the menu…some items were starting to get old.

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    It looks like they even revamped their “C” grade and now have an “A”. Way to go Angelo!

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