It’s Almost Passover, Get Your Danny Macaroons Fix at Bergdorf’s

Berdorf's Bar 5F

For years I was an avowed coconut hater. I studiously avoided anything with coconut. Over time, however, I’ve discovered that I don’t really hate coconut. I hate people who make horrible things with coconut. Coconut in the right hands can be exceptionally delicious. Take for example the macaroons from Danny Macaroons that I finally tried at Choice Eats. Blondie had been singing their praises forever, but I couldn’t see past my deep dislike of coconut to give them a shot. When I finally did, man, oh, man, they were so good, so, so habit-forming that I had to seek them out in the city and I found them I midtown at a most unexpected location: Bergdorf Goodman’s.

Salted Caramel Macaroon rom Bar 5F

Now, I’ll admit that I’ve never gone to Bergdorf’s. They have lovely windows. I’m sure the clothes are fabulous, but I’d rather, you know, pay my bills and buy food than stock up on Manolos. But these macaroons were so stalk-worthy, that I braved the Bergdorf blue hairs and Missoni-clad mamas to get my fix.

Salted Caramel Macaroon
The macaroons are up on the 5th floor in their little cafe known as 5F (where you can also get Robicelli’s cupcakes). There aren’t many things on the 5F menu that qualify as ML friendly. Even their fro-yo is $5.25, add to that a dollar for each topping. But the macaroons retail for $2, the same price as elsewhere in the city. They had a few flavors–I spied chocolate, almond, original, and the salted caramel. I’m a salted caramel gal all the way. That little touch of saltiness is great with the sweet and chewy macaroon. If you love macaroons, skip those sad canned excuses for cookies are popping up at grocery stores in advance of Passover and give these a shot. I’m already plotting a return visit, stat.

Bar 5F (inside Bergdorf Goodman), 754 5th Ave at 58th St, 5th floor


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