Dough Doughnuts out at Culture Espresso, In at the Shop at Andaz

the shop at Andaz

As a certifiable Dough doughnuts addict (this Brooklyn upstart has now eclipsed Doughnut Plant as my ultimate doughnut in New York), I was sad to learn from Lunch’er sugoodsweets that Culture Espresso was no longer carrying the mammouth frosted doughnuts. There was a silver lining though, through Lunch’r sugoodsweets’ comment I learned that you could still get Dough doughnuts in midtown just a couple blocks away, at “the shop” at Andaz but there are a few catches.

Inside the Shop at Andaz

The Shop is a little takeout café that’s part of the Andaz hotel.

The Shop at Andaz menu

While part of The Shop is dedicated for a full service, out of ML range restaurant, the front portion is a funky, little New York themed coffee shop/general store with plenty of New York sourced treats like salt water taffy from Brooklyn-based Salty Road and coffee from Café Grumpy not to mention shelves of New York-themed cookbooks.

Doughnuts from Dough

The doughnuts are pricier than they were at Culture ($3.30, tax inclusive, as opposed to $3 at Culture and $2.50 in Brooklyn) and they are noticeably smaller. Normally I’d complain about the doughnut downsizing, but when it comes down to it, a regular doughnut from Dough is enormous and totally shareable (whether I’ll actually share it or not is another story). So really the smaller size bring them back into the range of a normal sized doughnut–still a bit puffier (not to mention tastier) than a doughnut from Dunkin, but roughly the same circumference. Price-wise, this make it less of a good deal, but if you’re up for an indulgence and love doughnuts, you really can’t do better and there aren’t that many places where you can get Dough doughnuts in the city, so if you consider the time (and subway fare) saved traveling to Dough’s storefront, it’s still worth it in my book.

Anyone have other recs from The Shop? Let us know in the comments.

The Shop at Andaz, 485 5th Ave, New York, (212) 682-0506


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