Magnolia’s Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes are Actually Really Good

New Magnolia in Midtown

Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw and co, Magnolia Bakery is best known for their cupcakes. I’ve been down on Magnolia’s cupcakes before, they’re just not my thing. Too dry and too sweet for my taste. The red velvet is pretty good, but nothing I’d go out of my way for. I used to maintain that the best things on their menu are the non-cupcake items, but now I’m willing to make one exception: their flourless chocolate cupcake special.

Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes from Magnolia

Last month I was invited to check out some of Magnolia’s Valentine’s Day treats at a special event for bloggers and media. That’s where I first tried the flourless chocolate cupcake. A specialty cupcake that I learned is usually in their once a week rotation (this month it’s available on Thursdays). Unlike Magnolia’s traditional chocolate cupcake this one is super moist and chocolatey. The vanilla bean meringue buttercream is definitely lighter and less sweet than their regular butter frosting. I’ll admit that at $4 the cupcake is spendy, but it is soooooo good (words I never expected to write). How good exactly? Well, how about so good, that every time–three times and counting–that I’ve stopped by to pick up another one on the designated special day, they’ve been sold out. Lesson learned, the early snacker gets the flourless chocolate cupcake.  (And what do you know… tomorrow is Thursday.)

Magnolia Bakery, 1240 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, (212) 767-1123


  • I thought ML writers don’t go to press events because they would lose their “cred”?

    2.5 cupcakes for lunch? Why not?

      don’t miss our coincidentally contemporaneous review!

      Hey, it turns out hosting our spam costs money.

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      Mayhaps Brownie was invited because she maintains a spectacular little blog which has its own devotees, and which remains very independent of ML.

      Just maybe.

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        tiffixd, why does it matter?

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        Just because Brownie found a tasty snack in midtown due to a press event that she might have been invited to because of her Brownie & Blondie blog, how does that makes her lose ‘cred’ for sharing it here on ML? I’m all for pastries that might redeem Magnolia from its tourist-trap-status, seeing as how they are cropping up on every corner of New York like some rapidly spreading fungus. Might as well find something tasty.

    • tiffixd is right. Magnolia has been inviting us to their press events way before we started blogging for ML. And yes, we don’t typically write about press events. The post wasn’t about covering the event, which was for Valentine’s day and held 6 weeks ago, it was about the cupcakes that I’ve been trying to buy ever since but they keep running out. I’m not Magnolia’s biggest fan, but I thought it was worthwhile to mention that they now have a new cupcake that’s actually really good.

  • I’ve tried both the cupcakes and the “cake.” The cake is small, round, and rich in chocolate. Both the cupcakes and the cake are enjoyable. The cake might be better because you the rich chocolate taste doesn’t get lost in the butter cream.

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