Rock Center Blue Bottle to Open This Morning

The wait is finally over. San Francisco’s celebrated Blue Bottle Coffee in Rock Center is opening this morning. According to their twitter post last night they should be opening right now. Blue Bottle is fairly hidden in the concourse. For Rock Center vets it’s in the old UPS location right near ‘wichcraft. For all others, head towards the Sea Grill and make a right. See you in line!


  • Awesome! Can’t wait to finally give them a try & see what all the hype is about.

  • Finally!! I have been waiting for this! Great news!
    I tried them in Brooklyn and their coffee really is amazing.

  • Very exciting to have Blue Bottle come to Midtown! We’ll definitely be checking out the new location.

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    I read that siphon brews are $7.00 plus per cup!

    I balked when I saw the pour overs at Coolhaus for $4.00 a pop, so I may never darken the doorway at this place. I will be a Philistine and stick with Tina’s $2.00 Cafe con Leche’s and the occasional splurge at Stumptown for $2.50.

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