If You Like Goat Cheese and Lamb, Try Pizza by Certe’s March Special

Last week, Rachel announced the March specials at Certe and Pizza by Certe. This month’s pizza comes topped with spicy lamb meatballs, fava beans, goat cheese and sautéed minted cherry tomatoes. Certe, you had me at spicy lamb meatballs…but clinched it with goat cheese. Everything seems great on paper, but did the execution stack up?

I ordered one lamb ($3.50) and one margherita ($2.50) for good measure, but didn’t end up needing it because the lamb slice was plenty filling. The meatballs were definitely lamby tasting, so skip this if you’re not a fan of lamb. They weren’t that spicy, but I loved the flavor. The goat cheese was the star of the show, with huge chunks dotting the surface of the pizza. I also couldn’t taste the ‘minted’ part of the tomatoes, but they were juicy, sweet, and slightly charred and definitely did their part. The beans didn’t really add anything, they weren’t plentiful enough to be super noticeable.

In the end, if you’re a fan of lamb and goat cheese I’d say you’ll be satisfied but not blown away by this slice. There was another lamb slice on display that day, some sort of merguez and cauliflower concoction, and I’m not sure if it’s a new regular or a rotating special but I’m very curious to try it for comparison. Stay tuned!

Pizza by Cer Te, 132 East 56th (btw. Park+Lex) (212) 813-2020

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