At Lunch Now: Falafel King Has a King Sized Line

Photo courtesy of @ronwechsler

In what should be a surprise to nobody, the line for King of Falafel & Shawarma Express’ first day in Midtown has been a long one. The good news is, Freddy himself is there and serving up shawarma (in addition to his award winning falafel). The bad news? Two of his guys didn’t show up for work, and Freddy admitted he wasn’t ready for the onslaught. (Nobody ever is!) As of 1pm, the wait was a little over 40 minutes. Did you brave the opening day lines? Let us know what you thought in the comments.


  • Yeaaah…I’m never going for lunch at this rate. Are they planning to stay out later for dinner?

    • Good idea. If he’s there when I pass by around 6, I’ll give it a shot. I’m guessing it’s not a dinner cart location though.

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    I was right behind the last guy in that photo…

    It took me about 35 minutes from there. The guy in the teal hoodie left.

    To clear it up:

    He had both lamb/beef as well as chicken shawarma and falafel.

  • I went at 2:30 and there was only 5 people in front of me.

  • So, how was it? Does it measure up to the hype?

  • Next time take the pic showing faces so I know what a dumbass looks like that would stand in line for 35 minutes … so I never hire one of them by mistake

    • The difference between the best falafel in the world and the worst does not equal a 35 minute wait. People crack me up.

      • Makes me wonder if people just don’t understand how long, timewise, such a line is. Then ten minutes in, they can’t stand the thought of going elsewhere because they’ve already invested 10 minutes of their life in that line.

        Or they’re sheep and they just do what they’re told.

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      Some NYers just hate themselves. So they wait 40 minutes for falafel or burgers, root for the Mets, and live in absurdly small spaces with IKEA furnishings. Meanwhile, there are other NYers who love themselves a little too much. They work as Banksters, eat at Masa, and root for the Yankees.

  • Omg thats ridiculously long. Still gonna try it though :)

  • Astoria location it is.

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    People, people… Soom Soom is just a few blocks away.

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