Another Egg Dish From Hop Won Worth Trying

Hop Won As much as I love Hop Won’s chicken and broccoli from the steamed table, I’ve been exploring their menu. Their wonton noodles weren’t as good as I had hoped, but I was determined to find more hidden delicious gems. My previous visit I ordered the omelette with shrimp over rice, an item on one of their handwritten menu that was taped to a wall, and I was glad I did. Who doesn’t love a good fried egg omelette with snappy shrimp and vegetables over a bed of steaming rice? With that dish still fresh in my mind, I walked into Hop Won recently and ordered a similar dish. This dish was an off-the-menu item and even I wasn’t sure if they would make it.

I walked up to the counter and ordered the scrambled eggs with beef over rice ($7). The lady behind the counter nodded her head and passed on the order to the chef. Score!

Hop Won

As you can see this ain’t your regular looking scrambled eggs. I had coworkers swinging by saying how ugly it looked. It may be true but this was good and comforting. Think of it as an egg drop soup over rice, that’s probably the best way to describe. It’s definitely not scrambled eggs in the traditional sense. Similar to the shrimp omelette I had last time, this was filled with peas and carrots (though of course instead of shrimp it had beef). It was slightly bland but it was nothing a couple dashes of soy sauce didn’t fix.

Hop Won, 139 E. 45th St. (btw. Lex+3rd), 212-661-4280


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