Ben & Jerry’s Rock Center Has Greek Frozen Yogurt

Ben & Jerry's Greek Fro-yo
A couple of weeks ago, Ben & Jerry’s debuted their new line of Greek frozen yogurt. I had the chance to taste all four flavors and will say that this is infinitely better than regular fro-yo. It’s creamy and thick like ice cream, but not as fat-laden since they use non-fat yogurt. When I got to taste the flavors, they weren’t sure when the individual stores would be rolling out the new flavors, and whether they would have plain vanilla or specific flavors. Well, a quick stop by the Rock Center store last week showed that they will be having a rotation of the flavors including my favorite, Blueberry Vanilla Graham. It’s made by swirling blueberry and vanilla yogurt together. Genius! I totally suggest stopping by for a scoop or a smoothie, especially for those of us already thinking about bikini season.


  • I totally suggest going elsewhere instead, to reward the addled hippies for financially supporting their filthy “Occupy” brethren

  • I’m sure there’s a B&J – OWS – Greek joke in here somewhere

    How is B&J’s new greek yogurt like Occupy Wall Street?

    They’re mostly white, bacteria-laden and cause healthy defecation

  • I tried the blueberry one. It was pretty good. I’m not sure what makes it greek, but it tasted good. I got the medium sized cup which cost $5! Kind of a ripoff.

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