It’s Buy One Get One Free Day For Yushi’s New Yu Bowls

If you were intrigued by Donny’s write up of the newly launched Yu Bowl at Yushi (on 47th btw. Lex+Park), then today might be a good day to go check it out.  They’ve decided to offer buy one get one free yu bowls to all Midtown Lunchers today only from 11am to 3pm.  All you have to do to score the deal is print out this page and bring it in to the store.  Limit one per customer, good for dine or take out only.  Freeloaders, prepare to engage…

Yushi’s Newly Launched Yu Bowl is Worth Checking Out


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    Thanks for this offer. I decided to try this place out and had the Chicken Teriyaki bowl w/ brown rice, corn, mushrooms and eggplant. The second bowl (for dinner) is Tofu w/ jasmine rice, corn, mushrooms and eggplant. The bowl is just ok. They were rather skimpy on the rice, giving just 1 1/4 scoop using an ice cream scoop. It is also way too garlicky. Conclusion: I would not pay full price for this Yu bowl.

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    Biggest criticism: Some of the sauces and toppings need to be reworked. While nothing is necessarily bad as a standalone item, the flavors clash–sometimes brutally–in a way that kind of makes the “how do YU bowl” concept difficult.

    I know people carry an irrational hatred towards Chipotle in favor of the low-quality meats and gross, processed rice at “authentic” Mexican food trucks, but the one thing that is unequivocally true about Chipotle is the fact that just about ALL the flavors mix. You can get mix any meat with any kind of beans and any salsa and you’ll get a decent bowl. Here, the flavors are pronounced enough that you can (and probably will) go wrong.

    That said, when I went a few weeks ago, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal (the gooey pork) because of the massive portion. They seriously gave me at least 1.5-2x as much meat as you would get at somewhere like ‘Tle or Dig Inn. And so from a utilitarian standpoint, it was a great meal.

    Today, the portions (I got a chicken bowl and a meatball bowl) fell back to Earth–in fact, I’d almost argue they skimped on them. The meatballs were actually really good, but again, the bowl suffered due to some clashing flavors.

    The chicken was kind of gross. I could be wrong, but it didn’t seem like white meat, which I feel is a must for a bowl (especially if it’s not shredded/pulled).

    So, underwhelmed by today’s visit. That said, the staff seems to be going out of its way to be helpful on the bowl concept, so I have faith that they’ll take the feedback to heart and make something out of YuBowl.

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