Check Out Uncle Gussy’s Friday Burger Special

Uncle Gussy's Truck

What does everyone do on Thursday nights? Hit up the bar. What’s the best thing to eat for lunch on Friday? Burgers. So was the thinking behind Uncle Gussy’s (51st+Park) Friday special, a bacon and Swiss burger. When I stopped by there, I was definitely in need of some burger lovin’ and picked one up. The platter comes with fries and a bit of salad, but I was interested in seeing if this could be a proper replacement¬†Carnegie John’s burger!

Uncle Gussy's Friday Special

Though this photo doesn’t show the whole burger, it’s a pretty good size. The meat is cooked to your preference right in the truck, and it’s good fresh meat, not pre-formed, frozen for five years hockey pucks. It comes with two well-cooked strips of bacon, perfect with crispy and chewy bits. They’re also generous with the Swiss that’s melted onto the burger-not on the bun. Of course, this is best if you can rush back to the office, not letting it get cold by hanging out outside. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole burger–it tastes like your quality backyard BBQ burger, not too frou-frou, not too salty, and there’s bacon on it!

Uncle Gussy parks every day on 51st & Park Avenue. Check for specials on their Twitter Account.


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