Cer Te’s Gobsmacker is Deceivingly Filling

Last week we announced the debut of Cer Te’s February sandwich special, The Gobsmacker. With a name like that (freedictionary’s definition of “gobsmacked” is “utterly astounded”), the bar is set high. Cer Te has had a pretty good track record with its Sandwiches of the Month thus far, so how did this one stack up?

The Gobsmacker isn’t just a sandwich. It’s an aged cheddar and horseradish grilled cheese served with a cup of hearty Irish stew. When I opened my bag and saw the size of this meal, I was actually a little disappointed. The sandwich and the cup of stew each seemed pretty small, and I was skeptical that this would fill me up. Boy, was I wrong. The grilled cheese was plenty cheesy and very buttery, but lacked in the horseradish department. If it wasn’t listed in the description I wouldn’t have known it was there. The stew was thick and well-seasoned, with lots of tender, slow-cooked beef and chunks of carrots, potatoes, peas, and celery. Despite the seemingly small container, this dense stew was extremely filling. I decided to experiment by dipping the grilled cheese in the beefy goodness and HOLY MOLY it was delicious.

I have to admit, I was skeptical of this meal at first. It’s not beautiful, and the word “stew” never resonated with me as synonymous to “yummy” or “lunch,” but this combo is perfect for a cold winter day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Get it while you can!

Certe, 20 W 55th St (btw 5+6th), 212-397-2020


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    Does anyone know if I can order the sandwich special using Seamless website? I see a Combo lunch special for $8.50 on there but the description isn’t for the Gobsmacker.

  • I tried it last week and I agree with your assessment. It’s a very heavy rich meal between the stew and sandwich. The grilled cheese felt like a heart attack special.

    Odd meal, and I’m not sure I’d try it again, but I think some people would enjoy it.

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