Get $12 Worth of Comme Ci Comme Ca For $6

Our brand new deals page has a good one today, and it involves Street Meat Palooza 4 winner and Vendy Nominated truck Comme Ci Comme Ca. Get $12 worth of food from the Comme Ci Comme Ca Truck for just $6. You can’t use the coupon until Thursday, but don’t let that keep you from loading up. (Limit 3 per person.)


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    In for 3…..after I checked out I just thought to myself that I hope these guys keep coming around midtown for lunch. At the least they need to stay in business!

  • I bought three too, but I just hope this doesn’t turn into a really serious loss of money for Samir. Most Groupon sites end up hitting their promos so hard they’re in a big hole. D:

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      I agree. I’m not sure why he did it, they are usually pretty busy during the lunch hours when they are in midtown but I’m not sure what his turnover is like down at the slip and wherever else they go on Mon and Wednesday. He has previously had a deal on Groupon Now when that had just been rolled out. He got hit very hard that day.

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