Mike ‘N’ Willie’s Truck Set to Hit Midtown Today

On Friday, Andrea discovered that a brand new truck was set to park in the Financial District. Well, over the weekend the Mike ‘N’ Willie’s truck mentioned on Twitter that they will be arriving somewhere in Midtown today. The menu, which can be viewed on their website (although with no prices listed), is comprised of barbecue sliders and tacos. It sounds pretty similar to the food Mexicue is serving, but one menu item called the Pea-Nocchio (a fried chipotle chickpea patty) sounds intriguing enough to warrant hunting this truck down. According to their Twitter account they’ll be on 40th & 6th today, but you might want to check it or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out just to be safe. Midtown first timers never seem to end they day where they start it…


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    Not very good. Slow (which is expected at a new cart). Small portions. Tacos are $3-4.50. I had two and the Pea-nocchio and am still hungry. Short Rib is good, but very little meat. Chicken is bland and very ‘wet.’ Pea-nocchio was an odd combination of tastes. Overall, everything was very bland. Also, I asked for Chips and Guacamole, and was told “I’m going to have to cancel that order because the Chips haven’t dropped yet.” Whatever that means. Total disappointment.

  • Agreed. I walked by and looked at the size of the tacos, and there was no way I was spending $3 for one. Went to Bombay Fast Food instead.

  • $3-$4.50 for truck tacos? The Bay Area is pointing and laughing at us right now.

  • tacos from a truck. how original!! can we get some new ideas please? and for a reasonable price!!

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    I have to disagree with the comments above. Was happy to stumble upon this food truck yesterday! Its NOT just a taco truck- they have sliders too. My friend got the lil piggie (LOVED IT), she said the chipotle lime sauce was great. I had the pea-nocchio, which was a fabulous twist on a falafel, it had pickles w/tomato and the sesame sauce was delicious! We both shared the big bad brisket and agreed we would come back again. Yes its a new cart, but i think they’ll be a success with this kind of food.

  • ^ thanks Shilly McShillerson, you guys can’t even shill well … I only went to get a taste of their fish tacos which are a rare treat around these parts (anyone know of good ones in Midtown?). It was actually pretty tasty as were the short rib taco and the pulled pork slider, but (and a big BUT) I think I got the kids meal by mistake because these portions were laughable. All 3 combined for a nice appetizer, which is not what I’m looking for in an $11 lunch.

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