Gregory’s Newish 46th St Branch Has a Full Bakery

Gregory's on 46th

Filicori Zecchini is not the only coffee establishment that expanding it’s empire to 46th street last year. A recent lunchtime walk around midtown east revealed a semi-newish location of Gregory’s on 46th street between Madison and Fifth that opened just a couple of months ago and has a full baking kitchen cranking out fresh pastries. While Gregory’s was omitted from the ML Readers’ Poll this year (mea culpa, Gregulars!), we promise to give them a long overdue full ML treatment very soon. If you’re a Gregory’s fan, let us know what we should try in the comments.

Gregory’s Coffee, 12 East 46th Street, (212) 661-1722


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    Coffee lovers will enjoy the cortado in a sweet little glass cup, or if you have a few minutes to kill their guatemala in the french press is amazing. I usually get in there in the morning and once just as they were rolling croissants from the bakery. If you are there early grab a hot croissant, if not the donuts are insane.

  • The apple fritter is best thing in the history of mankind. As a world traveler in coffee circles, Gregory’s is one of the few places in midtown that does a cappacino the right way — cream makes a flower design, one size. Stumptown, Culture and Zibretto does it as well.

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    This place has the whole package. Aside from the coffee being great they have great food that’s healthy and their pastries are awesome! I have been a huge fan of this place for a while and usually go to their 24 th and park location since its near my apartment but I always go and check out their new locations and I have yet to be disappointed. It’s rare to find a place in the city that has good stuff and has down to earth friendly staff. You always feel comfortable and welcome. Keep up the good work guys!

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    Please. You have got to be kidding. I have been to several of their locations over the past few years including one or two that opened and closed. Nothing special. The same coffee you can get at any PAX or Metro around midtown.

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