Dylan’s Candy Bar Pop-Up Still Open Through This Week

Dylan's Candy Bar Pop-Up

Before Thanksgiving, Dylan’s Candy Bar opened a pop-up store on the SW corner of 42nd and 6th, and apparently all of you did what we did: avoid the area at all costs until after the holidays. Well if you still want to stop by, the Pop-Up is going on through this Saturday. I checked it out only to find out that us lunch’ers have been missing out on Sprinkles cupcakes, and also the apocalypse is totally happening.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Located on the far side of the registers by the front door is a Lego-inspired cupcake cart for Sprinkles. They have a good range of flavors for $3.50 each.

Gingerbread House

The rest of the store does have a good selection of pricey candy with most of it running $13 a pound. If you’re a candy fanatic who needs to stock up their office drawers, it might be a good idea to stop by since Dylan’s does have a different selection than downtown’s Economy Candy. There’s also this excellent gingerbread house in the back, next to the upside down Christmas tree.

Angry Birds Candy

Also there’s this sure sign of the impending apocalypse: Angry Birds candy. Perfect for in-office depictions of the game.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Pop-Up, SW corner of 42nd St and 6th Ave

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