Num Pang’s Tofu Sandwich is Surprisingly Good

Num Pang

Yes, I know, tofu. It’s worse than just vegetarian. I went to Num Pang (41st btw 3rd+Lex) preparing to try their roasted fig and bacon, or even the roasted turkey. Unfortunately roasted fig wasn’t on the menu–not sure if it’s completely off or not–and they were out of roasted turkey for the day. And seeing how it is the holidays and I have this thing about eating every holiday cookie I can get my hands on, I went with the tofu over the spare rib. And I wasn’t disappointed!

Tofu Sandwich

The sandwich is on their regular fresh hero roll, and filled with three huge slabs of tofu. Truthfully, it’s the biggest sandwich I’ve gotten from Num Pang. The tofu is incredibly fresh and springy, with little tinges of spice, but it doesn’t hurt from a little extra hot sauce. Be careful when holding and biting, as the tofu takes this as a chance to escape its sandwich bounds! The leeks added a nice overall flavor and the carrots provided the satisfying crunch necessary in South Asian-inspired sandwiches. I wasn’t crazy about the cilantro, most was taken off and didn’t effect the meal one way or the other. Seeing as it’s only $7 + tax, it’s cheaper than most Num Pang options, and at the very least it’s a good way to keep your vegetarian co-workers happy while you’re munching on bacon.

Num Pang, 140 E. 41st St (btw. Lex+3rd), (212) 867-8889

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