Nominations Are Now Open For The 2011 Midtown Lunch Reader’s Poll

Next week polls will open for the 2011 Midtown Lunch Reader’s Poll, but before we open the individual categories up for a vote we want to get your nominees. Have a favorite lunch spot you think needs to be highlighted? A best burger? Favorite cup of coffee? Maybe it’s a particular sandwich from a food truck? Let us know in the comments. Include as many or few nominees as you like, and we’ll take them all into consideration when we put together the finalists for each of the polls. And most importantly… if you don’t nominate anybody, you can’t bitch!

Best Midtown Lunches As Voted On By You: 2010 Edition


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    … do flatiron lunches count?

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    Best Chinese Dish: Ho Yip’s BBQ Chicken over pork fried rice..

  • Best Newcomer: Tabata Ramen
    Best Pizza: Siena Pizza
    Best Chinese: Chef Yu’s Stir-fried Fresh Bacon
    Best Noodles: Toss-up between Main Noodle House and Tabata

  • Best Mexican/Tacos- (anything at) Tacos y Quesadillas Mexico Cart.

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    Favorite coffee: Macaron
    Favorite Streetmeat/Newcomer/Overall: Comme Ci Comme Ca

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    mulligatawny soup from hale & hearty

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    The mozzarella and butternut squash sandwich at ‘wichcraft in Rockefeller is fabulous, and was especially satisfying this past winter on those cold, wet, gray days.

  • Omars for Best Middle Eastern and Best New Restaurant

    Harry’s Pizza for Best Pizza
    Hop Won for Best Chinese

  • I got nothing (other than disappointment and disillusionment)

    • Most Bitter Disappointment nominees:
      - Midtown truck crackdown (and subsequent absence of Schnitels and Things, Treats Truck and Miss Softee)
      - Korilla cheating on Food Truck race
      - Kwik Meal price hike and Pasta cart disappearance
      - Service at Biryani cart (hopefully improving)
      - Mr. Khan’s continued poor showing at Street Meat Palooza

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    Any brick oven melt at Delish on 44th (b/w 5th and Madison)…. They are really generous with fillings!

  • Wow. MJP and I are on the same wavelength. I can’t disagree with any of his 4 nominations. I do think the best Midtown Burger is Schnippers Hickory Bacon Blue but it is way pricey ($9.75… still under the $10 limit!)

    • I really wanted to add Aura Thai’s noodles but three toss-up nominations was mad tough.

      And plus, to be honest, I don’t care enough about any other pizzas that don’t cost $1 per slice to deviate from Siena. I’m more than happy to be proven wrong.

      I also feel like there should be a Best Departure from Midtown/Most Missed, and that should be occupied by El Guayaquileno, the Ecuadorian truck.

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    Best “healthy” food:
    Dig Inn
    Free Foods

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    Best pizza:
    Bella Napoli (49th St. between 6th and 7th)

    Best dessert truck:
    Treats Truck

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    Best burger joint- 5 Nappkins
    Best Pizza -Harry’s
    Best Truck (savory)- Frites n Meats
    Best desert truck- Sweetery
    Best coffee- Sweetery
    Best hot dog- Dogmatic
    Best Sandwich- Between the Bread
    Best salid-Chopped

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    Pizza by Certe’s Italian Wedding slice

  • I have to nominate the crazy Torta Cubana at Tacos y Quesadillas mexico as per my recent forum post.

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    Best sandwich – Torta cubana from Tacos Y Quesadillas
    Most resiliant/best comeback ever – Frites n Meats
    (c’mon, they deserve some honorable mention after what happened to them.)
    Best Indian steam table – Minar
    Best hidden gem – El Rincon Del Sabor
    Vendor most missed in midtown – Taim

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