$2 (6-inch) Subs at Subway

Another fast food deal. Apologies. But since we’re all saving up for holiday gifts, we sometimes have to take what we can get. Subway is offering $2 6-inch meatball or cold cut subs for the month of December, which it has dubbed Customer Appreciation Month. Cheapskates and haters of all things delicious and right, engage!


  • Basically, it’s $1 off a regular $5 footlong sub. Still a pretty good deal if you eat this sort of thing. Subway is actually the only fast food I will eat. When I’m on the road for business, and there’s simply no other alternative (airports usually), I get a footlong veggie (not that grotesque patty, just fresh veggies). It’s palatable, it’s filling, it’s healthy and it’s cheap.

  • Are all NYC locations participating? I’ve seen these deals in the past and some high volume locations were not participating.

  • Good deal.
    Too bad it’s only meatball or cold cut combo. Better than nothing.

    Italian BMT!!

  • I remember the $2 6-in. meatball sub from many years ago. Good deal. You don’t always want a whole footlong sub.

  • Went over the weekend. I think it’s store by store but where I went it was 1 per customer per visit. (I wanted two)

    One place said bread, meatballs, cheese only with no additional toppings.

  • This is a great deal. I got a footlong for $4 on LI the other day. I don’t think they are advertising this special.

  • is Rock Center concourse subway honoring this deal?

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