Pret’s Holiday Toastie Will Help You Relive Turkey Day


After reading Lunch’r joer’s recommendation of the steel cut oatmeal at Pret, I headed over to check it out this week. I tend to go for my breakfast late-ish in the morning, so I was disappointed to discover that they finish serving their oatmeal at 10:30, but while I was there the limited edition Pret Holiday Toastie ($6.69 + tax) caught my eye.


Filled with turkey, vegetarian stuffing, cranberry sauce, “Pret seasoning,” and brie cheese the holiday toastie makes for an interesting combo. The cranberry sauce is the star. It’s whole berry and really nicely spiced. I haven’t been wowed by Pret’s Toasties in the past, but this is clearly a superior toastie. With the turkey + cheese + stuffing, it seemed a little more filling than some of Pret’s other sandwiches, though if you have a bigger appetite you’ll still probably have to augment your lunch to stay full through the afternoon.

Oh, and another word of warning: don’t delay in eating it. It comes right out of the toaster and then they stick it in a bag, which can result in a steamed toastie. But if you’re already missing your Turkey Day leftovers, this sandwich might be just the thing to put you back in the holiday spirit.

Pret a Manger, Multiple Locations (website)


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    oh I’ve been thinking about getting that and was actually going to try that today. I usually go to Pret on Tuesdays because they have really good Italian Wedding soup with mini pearl macaroni and mini meatballs on Tuesdays. And it’s low in calories which is something I need to be watching since last weekend’s feast.

  • “Filled” might not be the best adjective for this sandwich, at least according tothe picture.

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    update: just tried this. mine had too much “gravy” and not enough cranberry (for me at least). was kinda mushy and one-dimensional texture-wise. won’t get it again.

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    Even that picture looks way tastier than what i just got. Goddamn, this is why I never go to these sandwich shops.

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    After railing against Pret last week, I actually didn’t dislike the Winter Quinoa salad I got there today. (I know . . . this is not a salad crowd. It’s a vegan salad, no less. With toasted pine nuts.)

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    50 cents of the price of that sandwich is donated to City Harvest.

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