Cer Te’s ‘Duck Duck Jus’ Extended Into December

Here’s some good news for those of you who have been enjoying Cer Te’s November special. Cer Te tweeted this morning that they’re are extending the sandwich into December, “by popular demand.” Cer Te has a history of creating amazing duck sandwiches, although earlier this month, Anna wasn’t convinced, posting that the Duck Duck Jus “has potential, but it’s it’s not quite there yet.” Has anyone tried the mighty duck sammie since? I’m curious if it they made any improvements during the month.


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    I do not recommend this sandwich. I’m a big fan of duck generally but I took one bite of this sandwich and threw it out. It’s hard to say exactly what I didn’t like about it other than I found it repulsive.

  • It looks nasty, surprised this thing is such a hit, and I too love duck.

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    It was foul tasting. Seriously, I was sick for a whole day from the weird flavors and toppings. Looked bad and hard to pick up as well.

  • Had this today…was very “meh.” The beany texture combined with the over-cooked confit and not-seasoned-enough duck meat made the whole thing a forgettable experience, at least after I could run down the hall to wash my hands of the grease/jus. The chard’s bitterness is a bit off-putting in this blend, and I couldn’t get any taste of the liver. I finished the whole thing, but I was really hungry. Still, I wouldn’t say it’s among the worst sandwiches I’ve had–just not something I would order again, especially at $9.75 inc. tax.

    Guy at the counter mentioned that it was gone after Friday (is 2 days really an extension worth tweeting about?) but didn’t know what was coming next yet.

  • I tried this last week. It’s probably the worst sandwich Certe has ever done. Mush on a bun. No duck flavor of any sort.

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