The Sliders at Bill’s Bar & Burger Need to #Occupy My Belly

Bills Bar and burger smallAt some point in the review of the sliders at Bill’s Bar and Burger (on 51st btw. 5+6th), both Josh Ozersky and Ed Levine at Serious Eats make mention of White Castle. Ed finds out that they source the slider buns from the chain, while Mr. Cutlets proclaims the sliders to be like a high class White Castle. But comparing these sliders to White Castle is selling them short, as every White Castle experience I’ve ever had is punctuated by soggy, greasy, wilting buns and overwhelmingly onion-y meat – the sliders at BB&B certainly are not. Nonetheless, spurred on by two very favorable reviews by these high profile foodies, I decided that I had to check them out for myself.

Bills Bar and Burger Sliders

If I could poke any holes into this dish, it would be the $8.50 price. For the portion, it’s a pricey lunch, and you likely won’t be full from these sliders alone (cue the angry commenters). But for that price you’re getting meat by Pat LaFrieda and a certain level of service and quality befitting a Stephen Hanson/BR Guest restaurant.

Bills Bar and Burger Sliders Interior

But in fact, these sliders are easily the best I’ve tasted in Midtown for under $10. The dainty LaFrieda patties were expertly griddled and left with an appropriate twinge of pink, and despite their size, punched far above their weight in meaty flavor. The sliders are sauced with just enough ketchup, mustard and pickle to create a fantastic balance of sweet and sour, but not enough to overwhelm the burger. And it wouldn’t be a “high class White Castle” without griddled onions, which add a ton of depth of flavor, but again, don’t overwhelm the meat. Mr. Ozersky’s description is right on for the most part, but it’s not just a high class White Castle. It’s the veritable 1% of sliders in Midtown.

Bill’s Bar & Burger, 45 Rockefeller Plaza (51st btw. 5+6th), 212-705-8510

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