Pinkberry’s New Peanut Butter FroYo is Surprisingly Good


I’ll freely admit that when I was on a froyo jag, Red Mango easily topped Pinkberry for me. And Frogurt from Bloomingdales’ Forty Carrots topped them all. Since then Pinkberry has unveiled new flavors and I’ve summarily dismissed them. But being an obsessive peanut butter fan, I couldn’t pass their PBJ by.

Pinkberry PBJ

According to the staff the peanut butter flavor will be on the menu until January. While I was tempted by some of the new toppings–hello, little juice filled fruit pearly things!–I stayed the course and ordered the original PBJ: peanut butter frozen yogurt topped with organic strawberry jam and little bits of toast ($3.45 for the mini-version).

I have to say the peanut butter frozen yogurt here beats the pants off the peanut butter Frogurt from Bloomingdales which always struck me as being kind of “super-natural.” Now when I say super-natural, I’m not talking mystical or sparkly vampires. To me the Frogurt version just tastes like a really earthy, food co-op natural peanut butter rather than the slightly roasty peanut butter you might remember from your lunch box. The jam was the perfect consistency–more saucy than gloppy or runny. If anything the toast bits were the throwaway topping. They gave it a nice crunch and made the whole experience feel more sandwich-y. The real revelation is that Pinkberry’s peanut butter frozen yogurt is totally worth a try for pb lovin’ lunchers.

Pinkberry, various locations


  • Saw a sign for this today. It does look yummy. I think crumbled graham crackers would be awesome instead of the toast, but I don’t think that’s a PinkBerry offering.

  • I walk by Pinkberry every day on my way to Port Authority but didn’t try the PB&J until tonight based on your recommendation. Loved it! I would’ve liked a little more fro-yo in relation to the toppings but that’s my only complaint. I’m hoping they don’t get rid of the peanut butter fro-yo in January and make it year round.

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