The Curry Items at Cafe Zaiya are Worth a Try

Cafe Zaiya It’s been a long time since I’ve had one of Cafe Zaiya‘s tasty sandwiches (my favorite is the fried fish sandwich) so I decided to stop by for a late lunch last week. One problem with eating lunch at Zaiya around 2:30pm is that most of the good stuff will be gone so there were no fish sandwiches or spicy chicken sandwiches (my plan b). There were, however, a few curry pork cutlet sandwiches left so I decided to get that (I was mesmerized by the sliced egg on top). While at the counter, waiting to pay, I also grabbed a curry pan. It was a curry sort of day.

Curry pork cutlet sandwich

The sandwich was good even though it was slightly cold (thanks DOH). The bread was nice and squishy, but the pork was a little bit dry. Thankfully that was solved by a copious amount of delicious curry mayo. For $4.15 this is one of Cafe Zaiya’s biggest and best bargains.

Curry pan

If you don’t know what curry pan is, it’s bread stuffed with veggie and curry sauce and deep fried. Cafe Zaiya’s version ($1.50) was pretty standard. Coated in panko crumbs and deep fried, it had a nice crunchy outer layer with the same sort of squishy bread inside. The amount of filling was just right (carrots and potatoes) but sometimes I wish they made a spicy version. (Can we make that happen!?)

Cafe Zaiya, 18 E. 41st St. (btw. 5th & Madison) 212-779-0600


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    We need a money shot of the insides of that pan.

  • The curry pan is more of a savory yeast donut, with curry filling. I get one as a greasy gut-bomb if I feel keen to just nap under my desk in the afternoon.

    I would also recommend the mochi donut and the Spicy Tuna Roll (bread roll with spicy tuna inside). My normal Zaiya lunch is a spicy chicken sandwich accompanied with one of the three previously mentioned items.

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    I love the curry pan… it might be the greasiest thing I’ve ever eaten. In a good way of course.

    Agreed though, you need to take a bite to get the curry pan money shot.

    And f*(CK the DOH for ruining some of Zaiya’s best items. I love the beef bowl, but I don’t want to eat it cold. You can order it at the hot food counter, but I had to get it with a soba dish as a combo, which was not cool.

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    Yea, no love for the DOH…

    I am eating a curry pan right now! It’s gloriously crunchy and oily – and it is indeed like a filled doughnut. Yum :D

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